We Promote Student and Life Success Readiness!

Our Programs are Engaging, Educational, and Essential.
We have crafted interactive and engaging programs, which have proven to provide students with essential soft skills necessary to navigate life... from high school, college and beyond.  We offer a variety of formats to accommodate full assembly presentations, break out sessions or conferences.

Our Presenters are Energizing, Enlightening, and Encouraging.
We feature DYNAMIC, high energy, youth motivational speakers from around the country.  Each speaker has a unique and personal presentation style, which brings your assembly to life.  Before joining our team, speakers must demonstrate their speaking experience and survive a rigorous certification training process. 


Assembly Presentations

We offer character building assemblies for middle and high school students.
Our high energy and interactive presentations allow us to expand upon character building topics in a fun and engaging way; whether they have heard it before or are hearing it for the first time.  Each presentation is filled with audience participation, dynamic speaking, activities, and more!

Conferences & Events

Our conferences can be integrated into your event or stand alone.
We offer a host of half-day and full-day programs with modules that can easily be integrated into your conference or retreat, or let us coordinate an entire event for you.   Our programs feature full-color workbooks that students get to keep for later reference, and optionally t-shirts as souvenirs of the event.

Train-the-Trainer Programs

Become certified to present our programs to your students yourself.
Depending upon your organization's goals, it may be more feasible to have someone on your team become a certified facilitator of our programs.  This allows more flexibility in presenting the program in one sitting or across several weeks.   Certified Facilitator's receive a 50% discount on all program materials and products.